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  • Harmontown



    Harmontown is my favorite podcast, so I absolutely loved this. Still haven't seen Community, but it was great seeing Dan's history with the show and all his other early writing gigs.

    Jeff Davis & Spencer Crittenden are as charming as ever and it's fascinating seeing the early point of the podcast since I jumped in late at 2016. If you have no interest in Dan Harmon than I can't imagine this blowing you away, but for me it's a total delight.

  • Maniac Cop 2

    Maniac Cop 2


    Incredible, one of the best sequels ever made. Maniac Cop (1988) is fun horror trash, but this ramps up the action and has awesome stunt-work, great production value, and Death Wish 3 levels of gleeful violent insanity. Seeing both as a double-feature is essential.

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    LA LA LAND is magic. Tears beginning to end, it's a beautiful ode to dreams, movies, and love. As sharp as Whiplash, only much happier.

  • Why Don't You Play in Hell?

    Why Don't You Play in Hell?


    Sion Sono’s newest film is his masterpiece. I say that every time he comes out with a movie, but this one is so special and personal that even Sono himself believes it, as every frame of this is completely imbued with his life and philosophy. The plot is about an explosively funny Yakuza rivalry that becomes documented by “The Fuck Bombers”, a young DIY film crew that’s based on Sono’s own filmmaking club from the 90’s. The main character is…