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  • Phantom of the Paradise
  • Sullivan's Travels
  • Stella Dallas
  • The Heartbreak Kid

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  • That Thing You Do!

    That Thing You Do!


    “Oh, there he goes off to his room to write that hit song "Alone in my principles."

    Light hearted, charming and full of delight. This really is just feel good to the max. I wish I found this when I was younger.. 

    A warm comfort blanket of 60s fun and nostalgia. 
    “the” song is played many times but you are never sick of it because it’s just so damn catchy and keeps a big smile on your face each time. …

  • Hardcore



    “I don’t care about what’s happening in Los Angeles or New York…I don’t care about the movies or tv….I don’t care who’s on Johnny Carson“
    “I care about my daughter”

    Um side note due to the opening titles and scene…I can’t wait for Christmas. What a setting. The food the family the music. The small town covered in decorations and snow ugh. Hating summer right now..

    George C Scott though…what a performance. I loved every aspect of it. The ins…

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  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine


    I wanted more Paul dano after watching there will be blood but also fell in love with this movie again all over. 

    It’s been a while and this hit even harder than it did years ago. It’s just great all around. So many rollercoasters of emotions throughout. These characters just make you wanna be apart of this wild dysfunctional family so bad. 

    This also has one of the most fun dance scenes in cinema history. Fight me lol

  • Morocco



    sooo to make the pre-code dietrich double feature even more special they let the crowd know before the movie that marlene’s great grandson was in attendance….

    I think this one is going to grow on me more with time and I will like even more upon rewatches. 

    gary cooper has always been that guy cause even young baby face cooper has exceptional charm. 

    okay i also totally get the hype of marlene dietrich performing in a nightclub in a tux…