Possessor ★★★★

They played the trailer for the new Blumhouse Vince Vaughn body-swapping horror comedy in front of this and I couldn't get that shit out of my head the whole time watching.

We'll call this a soft 8/10. Cut me some slack. Everything released this year has either been really good or really bad.

Love what Brandon is trying to say about identity theft, privacy, overall loss of self through the machinations of the prototypical 21st century tech corporation, etc through the conventions of body horror. I just wish this dived a LITTLE BIT deeper into the allegory and had something a little bit more enlightening to say. It all ends up being only a notch or two deeper than surface level.

Definitely (even despite the gore) one of the better-looking films I've seen this year. Both visually vibrant and hypnotic, and dull and flat when needed.

Cast is solid. Finally someone is giving Tuppence Middleton some work!

P.S. I have the strongest stomach in the world, and even I had to turn away from a couple of gnarly shots in this.

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