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  • Vice Squad

    Vice Squad


    Alright hey boys and sweet ladies this movie is a real piece of work. I wasn’t sure how to feel because I hate piece of shit cops and the police they are devils and have ruined my life and they suck in here this movie but there’s another devil RAMROD that reminds me of my enemy Graveon. He was a disgusting nasty man which little hands and shiny disgusting skin. He had 10 teeth and they were all like brown…

  • Hudson Hawk

    Hudson Hawk


    Hello boys and sweathearts so many fans from the internet I am scared though. I have been free from the pokey for over a year and I don’t want to go back. I have told KODIN and he said to watch out 
    Ok so my guy Bruce is in here and he’s really tough but I don’t like these earrings. I do wish there was a boy like him in the penny with me I think him and Justin would…

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  • Ice Age: Continental Drift

    Ice Age: Continental Drift


    Alright this movie is a piece of shit movie. But that’s not it ok I have a big big piece of news to share with my Frank friends my chica Pally has a SON NAMED KODIN he’s 17 and a complete piece of shit but I’m gonna fix him and make him something better I am
    So happi to have a boy that I can mold and become my one son I have a chance now to be a daddy…

  • Nobody



    Hello sweatharts how are u ? I have gotten my second vaccine now so I can go to movies in person again as long as I do not go with any other “ CONVICTED FELONs”. I do not know if this movie is playing in movies but I would like to see it. It sounds like what happened to my friend Travin when he was living next door to a real disgusting nasty man who he thought was just sad…