Heat ★★★★★

Watched it with my Dad. His first rewatch in 15 years… Out of respect I won’t say his pull quote, but he likes it, but doesn’t get why it’s held in such high regard. His loss. 

This viewing (for me) just had an air of sadness hanging over every moment; less the fun romp for the boys, and more the fatalistic tragedy it truly is. I damn near almost started crying during the bank robbery, and not because of [spoiler], but just the concepts at play, and seeing people firing into crowds without consciousness or remorse. The fact we (as a society) can empathize with bank robbers highlights the whole point right there; shits fucked, man(n), and the need for money has already destroyed us. So I guess in the meantime watch the actors do cool things, and try to hold back the tears, even if it’s just about a bunch of lonely and scared people doing stupid things.

One of the most miserable celebrations of cinema (at the end of the day, it’s a dumb movie through and through about elaborate make believe (this is a positive thing)), and I’m absolutely here for it. The western updated and perfectly mythologized. This will be the equivalent of the greek myths one day; mark my words.

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