Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

I finally figured out how to describe my general hesitance towards this piece; If you were to give an A.I. machine every David Lynch movie, and ask it to make something, this is what it'd poop out. It doesn't feel as genuine to me as his other works, and that could be my own misgivings coming here, but I feel like every interesting aspect of this film has been done better by Lynch elsewhere, and this is the weird pop-amalgamation that was easier to crack, so it broke through. First hour actually felt slightly tedious to me, which is the first that's ever happened. But pretty much from The Cowboy (maybe a scene or two before, can't fully remember at this point) to the start of Betty's return to reality, is basically a perfect movie, and among Lynch's finest hours. I still think the final act is rushed through to an unsatisfying degree, but then again, Lynch has never been one to satisfy.

Am really torn between a 4, and 4.5, because there are just some things that are transcendent here, but the whole leaves me feeling somewhat blank/ambivalent.

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