PlayTime ★★★★★


Whoa. Whoa. And Whoa some more. Jacques Tati has done something incredible here, and has crafted a film that is purely unique from everything else put to film. He has crafted a world, a fully functioning, entirely inhabited world, and we just get to observe. We as an audience are as omnipresent as the camera which is omnipresent in this world. The only way one could describe it really, is a living painting. Every shot is so beautifully composed on a wide angle lens, that your eyes can wander. In almost every frame there is anywhere from three to ten stories going on, all at once! He created crazy set pieces, and honestly, this may be just an exercise in Choreography, but no matter what, it is something wholly unique that I plan on watching many many more times. This was instantly placed in my Top 5, but we'll have to wait and see how it holds up in the future. I'm sure with each viewing I will only uncover more and more delightful details to further me down Tati's Rabbit Hole.

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