Possessor ★★★★½

If you want to get hammered, just watch this and take a shot anytime someone vapes.

As an ardent defender of Inception, I think Nolan just got beat at his own game. Possessor is a film that is unmistakably high concept Sci-Fi that doesn't need to spend half it's runtime explaining itself because it's thoroughly thought through (creating confidence in the idea, and trust of an audience), therefore allowing us to just bask in it's twisted world; whether or not you find that engaging, entertaining, or worth while will vary, but I can say this is a confident stroke of possible genius. Not only on a surface level is this hypnotically absorbing (gorgeously confident camerawork, with a distinct lighting style, right along side an intelligently balanced script (the highlight), actually hard to endure horror, and absolutely dialed in performances (plus wickedly impressive impressionistic montages)), it's got a wealth of subtextual meaning that could be plastered onto this. Throughout the film, I felt myself switching between at least six different interpretations of a "larger" story, and all tracked perfectly, while also adding to the larger scoped idea (i.e. not distracting from one another, but ideally complimentary).

Identity is crumbling in the 21st Century, and it's all from calculated corporate power that's manipulating everything, and everyone, for it's own personal gain, and yet, we're way too far gone to even realize it. A self-fulfilling journey of the soul to transcend into achieving the things you always wanted, are still blinded and controlled by those who need us to gain. Humans, and maybe even more specifically their bodies, are succumbed to meaninglessness; only another cog, or another number, to get towards the inevitable goal, which here isn't necessarily spelled out, but it can only be control. So even if we start tracking a reading about living with some extreme mental conditions (schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, body dysmorphia, unknowing the true person inside, etc), or, even relating it to the simple concepts of making a film, they will all (in a rabbit hole fashion) lead back to this corporate takeover mentality, and that's how it's been since the generation before decided to sell their souls for the sake of Fuck it. We are all doomed.

Parasite would've been a more appropriate name for this film, but then maybe it'd be showing it's hand too soon.

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