Scream ★★★★½

As much as I'm not a fan of the horror genre in general, I find it very odd to reflect and realize I watched this a ton as a young lad. This VHS was in regular rotation for me (I remember I would often skip the opening because it was too upsetting), and now I wonder if this (along with Spongebob?) is what birthed my love for meta films. Who knows. What I do know is that Scream is really easy to take for granted nowadays, and it was refreshing to revisit this after many years. I still remembered a lot of the beats, but it was never not satisfying, and that is the tell-tale sign of a great flick. Even aside from the hilariously pointed meta-elements ("Behind you Jamie!"), and even beyond it's effectively stream-lined entertainment (seriously, this thing doesn't have an ounce of fat (almost to it's detriment - wish there was a little more build before the party)), there is an odd poignancy throughout this. Among the references, humor, and bloodshed, there is actual time devoted to the psychological ramifications in a realistic way that is somewhat explored. Sure, it's not devoted to it, but it is present. Especially when attacking the media in it's sensationalizing of such real tragedy (even more pointed in today's viewing). Sidney is a genuinely well crafted character, even though she's not fleshed out too much. Also, the bone-chilling detachment, and brilliance, of a Killer's MO basically being they want to be in a horror movie. Sure, you could argue, it's just psychopaths being psychopaths, but the simultaneous unspoken, and directly spoken, element, is that they want to be in a movie, and thus, here we are. Really great, effective, and (as much as I hate throwing this adjective towards any horror movie) fun.

I wonder if this inspired Haneke in any way? Equally likely and unlikely; but a boy can dream.

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