The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★½

David Fincher // Kioyshi Kurosawa // David Robert Mitchell // Gore Verbinski // David Lynch (with extra emphasis on The Return) // Ben Wheatley // Ringu // The Exorcist // The Wailing //

I swear I had at least twenty other movies, and directors, cross my mind while watching this, but these were the ones I actually wrote down at the time, because they just felt ingrained into the idea, in an indisputable way. This has no business being as good as it is, or as assured, and well crafted, as it simply is, but I'm definitely here for it. The first hour is sublime, from it's incredibly tense opening, carrying on through it's odd mystery, that developed at a very deliberate pace. It starts to deflate as it goes on unfortunately, but then some miraculous sequence of pure imagination (and occasional horror) will bring you right back on board, all the way on through to it's decently obvious and silly conclusion. But it's all entertaining nonetheless, and with the title of The Empty Man, released as a Studio Horror Dumpuary Release.... ya really can't be mad. Gotta love when someone is able to just go for it.

Shout out to Tyler for the recs.

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