The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

It's better. Took two close watches to unpack such a dense film, but I finally believe the hype. Gone is the warmth, gone is the fun, gone is the family, and all your left with is a subtle downward spiral. You have two contrasting stories that feed into each other perfectly. One, a harrowing reimagination of coming to America and starting life anew; the promise of immigration and the American Dream, where someone took matters into their own hands to better their lives, and the lives of those around them. Then, the logical end point of said story; greed, corruption, power, and money, subsuming everything before there is no line that can't be crossed, and a shell of a man is all that can remain. Equally poetic and operatic, and one of the most didactic stories of how America came to be where we are. Prescient in a way that's easy to ignore, capturing the intermingling of politics, and the mob, and how far it really does run. You also just happen to have some of the greatest collection of performances ever assembled, a script that perfectly balances the grandiose tragedy of drama with the personal scale of life, and one of the most gorgeously choreographed and captured outings behind a camera; we stan a legend Gordon Willis.

This is on a whole 'nother tier of filmmaking, and yet, it's in perfect concerto with The Godfather, and almost should be viewed as one long movie. But if we must separate, I'm going to start spending more time here... I've got some years to make up.

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