The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

Episode 25; it's finally here.

We did it. Our Potcast The Chronic Canon, which I co-host with Jesse, and Brandon, has finally reached the conclusion of it's first series (well sort of... stay tuned for next week's additions), and the episode that inspired it all to happen in the first place. I'm not gonna go on too long, just give it a listen, as I'm sure we still didn't serve this up nearly as well as intended, but damnit, we stan The Irishman, and you should too.

You can listen to the new episode on Apple Podcast, ITunes, and Google Play as well as Spotify and YouTube (which are linked below):

You can talk to us on Twitter @ChronicCanon, or email us at; tell us about why you love The Irishman.

Also, If you actively don't like Heat, don't listen; you're not welcome (if you've never seen it, that's fine).

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