The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

Hey y'all. Been behind on the Chronic Canon times! So here are our final two episodes of the Sese Series. You can listen to these episodes on Apple Podcast, ITunes, and Google Play as well as Spotify and YouTube (which will be linked below):

First we have: Irishman & Friends! where we talk with some pals about, well.... you know.

Second we have: The Sese Roll-Up where we awkwardly give awards out between all of Sese's flickeroos, rank the flicks, and talk about our favorite shit!

We have more coming very very soon; stay tuned! You can talk to us on Twitter @ChronicCanon, or email us at, unless you actively don't like Heat, then instead, I'd like you to go fuck yourself! Too aggressive? Maybe have better taste!

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