The Meetings of Anna

The Meetings of Anna ★★★★

I have come to identify my profession as being a filmmaker, as much as my normal job; often when I feel overwhelmed by life I like to go on a solo trip, driving to a State I haven't been; I feel proud that one of my gifts is to truly listen to people - I've been told repeatedly I'm easy to talk to because they know I care about whatever they're saying, and it's true - I want to hear everyone; In contrast with that, I often feel unheard, and thus, often adrift, and doubtful of myself; I primarily live in my head, but I'm working on it; I straddle a weird line of being completely walled up, and overly expressive; I'm usually seeking solitude, but once I have it, longing for someone else to be there; I don't consider myself as ever having been lonely, but, it's hard to actually say - maybe circumstances dictate the specifics of the feeling, and we all experience it no matter what; I love to interact with strangers in the states I visit, to try and get a vibe of the people of the City; I love to wander around and look at the architecture, and try to take shitty photos on my camera; I like to put in headphones and feel like I'm being transported through a living place; I'm afraid if I achieve my goals I'll remain unhappy, and then lose hope in life; I too tend to ignore all the people who try and be there for me, but not always - sometimes I'm a good friend, brother, son, grandson, lover, etc; I don't like making meaningless connections, but, how deep can most really get;

What I'm saying is, is that I get this movie, and would like to watch it again when I'm not in the midst of my strongest hangover in 4+ years.

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