• The Lad Goodbye

    The Lad Goodbye

    Plays so good in theaters; gonna make for great midnight screenings. Believe the hype. The pay off(s) (last 20-25 min??) are unreal, actually touching towards transcendent. The real deal. 

    Superbad for cinephiles?

  • Summer Hours

    Summer Hours


    Everything has value. A painting on the wall, an object in a frame, a vase on a table, some scribbles in a notebook, a memory in a home, a story overheard, the moments in front of us, our families, our legacies, what we leave behind, what we pass onto others, what we don’t. What that value is differs person to person, and sometimes moment to moment. How do we wrestle with ourselves, our feelings, our daily lives, our aspirations, those…

  • RRR



    How am I supposed to continue on as if I didn’t just watch this? What am I supposed to do? The first time, in a long time, where no part of my filmmaker brain got engaged, and not because nothing was of value, but the exact opposite. At no point could my brain conceive how I was witnessing reality. It’s so  beyond my field of practical comprehension, it’s just being immersed in three hours of flawless execution. I was 8…

  • We Were Hardly More Than Children

    We Were Hardly More Than Children


    I think Cecelia is the shadow self of Terence Davies. A lifetime of impossible trauma, never being at rest, and expressing in the only way they understand; mining through their memories and using songs to access emotions…. but they literalize in basically inverses. Either way, I’m very much in love.

    Maybe her most salient connection to the outside world.

  • Thunder



    My man Ito was cracked. Between this and Spacy alone, he may have demonstrated a better understanding of how to merge sound and image into a purely sensory experience, than like, anyone? Final image packed an emotional heft suddenly that I wasn't expecting, and unsure why exactly. The reveal of the subject, and the editing fluidity changing, somehow reveals the human inside of the show. This is definitely easier to show people than Spacy, and truly of an equal caliber of excellence, but there's something slightly more mind-blowing about the former. Either way, gotta see more.


  • I've Been Afraid

    I've Been Afraid


    Somehow Condit’s strangest. Wasn’t prepared for this. Thought it was going to be somewhat incoherent at the outset, but it was surprisingly just another chapter of the Beneath the Skin/Possibly in Michigan saga. An examination or how someone, all these years later, is still trying to come to terms with the fear of existing as a woman in a man’s world, after a personal, and traumatizing, event. Condit’s sensibilities graft onto the internet/tiktok age better than almost any other artist…

  • Toy Story

    Toy Story


    After realizing I’ve now seen less than half of Pixar’s 25 feature films (only 12), I’ve decided I’m gonna watch em all (slowly, overtime, as I do with most things). Here’s my ranking before starting this journey, simply for future comparison:

    1. Toy Story 2 (5)
    2. Wall-E (5)
    3. Toy Story (5)
    4. Inside Out (4.5)
    5. The Incredibles (4.5)
    6. Ratatouille (4)
    7. Finding Nemo (4)
    8. Monsters Inc. (4)
    9. A Bug’s Life (4)
    10. Up (3.5)

  • Killing Them Softly

    Killing Them Softly


    It's all worth it for the final scene. In my mind it's so much longer, and it's kind of the juice that's making me excited to get through the whole thing, because it's sting is so impactful, that it's one of the all-time punctuations on a film. Instantly it elevates from, singular, auteur, curio, into something long-lasting and relevant.

    Love how exactly on the nose it is, from minute one. Love how it attacks mainstream liberal politics, in a way…

  • Sex, Lies, and Videotape

    Sex, Lies, and Videotape


    It’s just perfect.

  • Distant Voices, Still Lives

    Distant Voices, Still Lives


    Most special thing this movie can do is feel like it’s the first time, every time. Obviously over half of it is imprinted in my brain, but more often than not, the sequencing never sticks, and continuously find myself going, “right, now it’s this bit”. In real time memory and the current moment collide, and I get to intake the film in it’s state of meditation. No other flick is like this; in the way it’s constructed, the way it…

  • Scary Movie 3

    Scary Movie 3


    Peaks way too early, but I broke into hysterics a wild number of times. Easily the best of the franchise.

  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

    Halloween H20: 20 Years Later


    One of the all-time endings, along with 4; were pretty much the only things I remembered from my viewings as a youth, and both still hit extremely hard. This movie feels like it’s 12 minutes, and honestly so little happens, while always keeping Michael on the periphery, which makes it feel pretty inconsequential. But! It does everything the reboot tried to, with half the effort, and half the self seriousness, and was honestly effective [enough]. Plus JLC is locked in…