• Matewan



    Why does it always happen this way? Why can’t we overcome ourselves? Why is humanity doomed to this? 

    Very soulful and beautiful. Cried more than a few times. Feel like it’s a Lone Star situation; almost too much going on to digest it all perfectly in one sitting, but now seeing the full picture, I imagine a rewatch must be seismic. Such an overwhelmingly perfect cast; gorgeous photography, with so much strikingly atypical lighting; a free wheelin’, borderline mysticism, powering…

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Both Zombie’s Halloween films might be the quintessential slashers. But both go together as a pair; it saddens me to see this one get a reappraisal and the first remains mostly dismissed. They seem vital to one another’s existence. Between both films, every possible angle of the slasher and how it effects our reality is examined, and Zombie proves to be the most empathetic filmmaker to ever take a crack at a major franchise, which, I truly was not expecting. Watched…

  • Moneyball



    It'll never fully make sense how a true story about Baseball can be one of the most elemental films about the capabilities of cinema. Not just in riveting use of technique, not just in satisfying an audience via entertainment, not just in playing out process in the compulsive way it takes to construct films, not just in relation between the industry that created the film and the industry the story is about, not just how it fulfills our desire to…

  • WALL·E



    If (for some hypothetical reason) I had to select one film from the 21st Century to remain over all others, or be deemed most important, or maybe even simpler, The Best™, I think there's a strong chance I may pick this one. Most others I'd consider picking are (at the end of the day) just the modern updates of grounds we've treaded before (which in a way, this is a reinterpretation through literalization of 2001, but pretty indirect still), but…

  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

    Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday


    I’m starting to get a sense that people don’t like when their weird franchises divert too far from the formula, and that those are pretty much the only times I’m truly interested; and this one in particular diverts far. Easily has one of the strongest third acts from any of the big three. Got a bit dull right before the finale, but fuck! This kinda ruled! Every character was fun and distinct ~enough~, kills/thrills ramped up as it went along, and it still was true to the formula in its own way. And not Anthony Edwards was kinda fucking rad! 

    Idk; I had fun!

  • Anguish



    Just watch it, please.

    If anyone ever hears of a screening (preferably in the USA), lmk

  • Better Living

    Better Living

    Written between August and November 2019, pre-production started February 2020, filmed at the end of July and beginning of August 2020, and finally finished September 2022.

    My Third Short Film, Better Living is finally Coming Soon.

    Will hopefully have some specific details either next week, or the week after, but it certainly won't be long being the festival submission process has already started. Am hoping to have a public screening, shortly followed by an online premiere, but we'll see.


  • Halloween: Resurrection

    Halloween: Resurrection


    Lol, what, this rules. This isn’t a bit. Easily the most interesting sequel outside of 4. It’s a good satire, it’s trying to dissect the line between its existence and why the audience/fans want what they want, it’s got some hilarious moments, it’s got some genuinely well crafted thrills (the opening 20 is nutty!), I like the ultra online take, the camerawork is pretty gnarly, and I enjoy the whole cast. Like, what? It lost the plot a bit in…

  • Personal Problems

    Personal Problems


    In a way, impossible to capture with words. It's ethereal qualities strike from the outset, to disarm you into falling into it's particular wave of consciousness, thus discombobulating the viewer, along with it's out-of-time cinematography (and long takes of dialogue), to truly thrust us into a dream state. Things I'd even start to compare it to would do you no good. A movie that operates in it's own language entirely. Stunning instincts are constantly on display from every facet of…

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    It's a big day y'all! Amy's brand new podcast, Watch This List, is finally out in the world, with it's very first Episode on Directorial Debuts (featuring yours truly (and obviously Vinny G's masterwork)). All the info you can possibly need will be found here, which is a link to Amy's (very nice) website for the Pod. It's got various social media links, how to listen on different platforms, and even a direct link to the video version! Amy has…

  • Outer Space

    Outer Space


    A woman trapped in her celluloid prison; a never ending labyrinth of fear.

  • Dream Work

    Dream Work


    “…My head
    Begs not to be so full
    And when I fall
    Which part of me writes the dream
    And which part falls
    Who's running the machine?”

    Seems to be a companion piece to Outer Space; both really rad