Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver ★★★★½

A study of a broken man, going through the motions of destructive behavior.

First he lashes out at the world with words, wishing someone would tear down everything he sees wrong with society. After a failed attempt to assimilate, he turns inward on himself. Finally, after a fateful cab fare (played by a vile Martin Scorsese), he chooses to channel his anger, frustration, and fear into violence at the world's expense. Some might call him a hero, but what we've seen (and what could have been) can only make him morally grey at best. A human can't be a hero every time.

By the final frame, we know that this isn't the end, only the restarting of a cycle, one that will end in total annihilation. His angel smiled on him, but he's too far gone to care anymore.

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