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  • Lethal Weapon 6

    Lethal Weapon 6

    Season 13 has been such a massive disappointment

  • Great Scotch Whisky

    Great Scotch Whisky


    Feels like something I was shown at elementary school on VHS. The subject is mesmerizing, the dated look not so much. Drags on most of the time, with departures to look at history and a slideshow of old pictures taking up valuable time.

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  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries


    Gave me an existential crisis, almost made me cry and had me thinking about my life decisions for some time afterwards. A masterful film, truly beautiful.

  • Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata


    If people tell me lady bird is the best mother daughter relationship movie one more time I will snap.
    I also spoke too soon, this is the best thing I've seen all week, barring Let the Corpses Tan.