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  • The Villainess

    The Villainess


    Visually stunning. The cinematographer deserves a pat on the back. Colours are eye-popping at the right times and muted when called for.

    The opening is a visceral thrill ride that will leave you shaking your head like a cartoon character who's just been whacked with a comedy oversized mallet.

    Problem is you then begin to question why hundreds of angry bad guys are only attacking our hero one-by-one in the style of all good martial arts movies since the year…

  • A Breath Away

    A Breath Away


    Well I enjoyed it.

    When I think of French cinema I think of Rififi, Le Beau Serge, Amélie or Taxi I do not think post-apocalyptic thrillers.

    Actually, thriller is not a great word to describe this because whilst there is action the story is one that unfolds rather than rushes along at a break-neck pace.

    The tempo and characterisation put me in mind of Seoul Station. Unlike other reviewers I found the acting polished nd the characters both likeable and…

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  • Kiss of Death

    Kiss of Death


    Enjoyable if a little predictable and somewhat plodding in places.

    I have heard several hard-hitting scenes were cut (a rape and suicide) which may have heightened the drama had they been retained.

    Richard Widmark excels as the psychopathic Tommy Udo and is involved in the truly shocking murder of a wheelchair-bound woman. Victor Mature is pretty believable as the lead but suffers from having to deliver some leaden lines.

    The voice-over narration is useful but seems to peter out after…

  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A classic supposedly. For Edward G's performance it gets close. He is excellent as he so often is.

    But, but, but. The ending. Dear God why do film-makers do this? A dream? I always feel cheated when this happens (I recall watching Boxing Helena at the cinema as a teen and feeling like I should demand my money back at the box office) and this is no different.

    A dreadful lack of imagination.