The Villainess ★★★½

Visually stunning. The cinematographer deserves a pat on the back. Colours are eye-popping at the right times and muted when called for.

The opening is a visceral thrill ride that will leave you shaking your head like a cartoon character who's just been whacked with a comedy oversized mallet.

Problem is you then begin to question why hundreds of angry bad guys are only attacking our hero one-by-one in the style of all good martial arts movies since the year dot/

Stop asking that question, though, and settle down. You'll need to concentrate as the story hops between past and present (not to mention between genres: from action to romance and back again).

It IS a preposterous plot but it is also engaging. The acting is largely excellent (are all Korean kids this good at acting?, Last Train To Busan had am enormously talented child actor too) and despite it's complexity the story is gripping.

It's a touch too long but if you enjoy the films of John Woo, for example, you'll probably get a kick out of this.