Moonrise Kingdom ★★★★★

Do you know this feeling, when you watch a movie and your heart just stumbles for a second and you realize: "This is my movie"? Well. This happened when I watched "Moonrise Kingdom".
This was just perfect for me. Fell in love with this movie after 5 minutes and now, as I'm writing this review, one week later, I am still thinking about it. And I can't even put it in words.
I don't care what other people think about this movie (although I know that a lot like it as well) and I don't care what it means to others. Because I already have this movie in my heart - call me cheesy!

The characters are kind of bizarre, but they are so unique and overall so loveable. And then of course there is this outstanding directing and editing by Wes Anderson and Andrew Weisblum, the perfect script by Anderson and Coppola ... and I just can't stop using the word "perfect".

I'm gonna watch this movie again soon. Maybe on like every day of my life.

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