Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ★★

I found this movie interesting, but pretty tepid when it came to examining anything about belief, why people believe what they believe, why, really, these particular people believed in Scientology and why we, as viewers should believe their claims.

When you believe something you buy into it, you accept its validity and, especially in the case of religion, authority over your life. We're supposed to simultaneously scoff at Scientologists' beliefs while believing completely the claims of those who have left it.

There's a brilliant documentary called "Reporter," in which New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof points out that victims lie just as much as perpetrators. And I found it difficult to simply accept what the interview subjects were saying. I think there's a cynicism to the movie in that it's banking on us bringing a dislike of Scientology into the film, which should make us believe completely what the interview subjects claim.

I'm not a scientologist, for the record, but I know some very good, decent people who are. I think this film painted a bit too broadly for me.