Frances Ha ★★★★

It's impossible not to love, or at least admire, Greta Gerwig's portrayal of Frances. She is the movie; the dialogue, supporting characters, locations and plot all serve her, and Gerwig is marvelous. Frances should be an unlikable protagonist. She is needy, impulsive, duplicitous, and unconfident. However, Greta Gerwig portrays the character so well that the audience can feel for the character's plight. I think it's driven enough to where she never really gets on your nerves, if she does, it's often understandable. She gives Frances a bit of a naive sense, but never to a point to where you think she's being childish. You don't entirely question her decisions, and you always empathize with her, if only because we've all been in her shoes.

Frances could have easily been this wannabe hipster or desperately forced "free spirit," but she's really not. Sure, she has her moments, but at that age, trying to maybe cling to whatever shred of youth you have left? Why not? Most admirable, however, is Gerwig's quiet restraint that Frances has. Frances could have been this obnoxious, erratic free spirit, but in the real world, most people don't say how they feel, and Gerwig captures that perfectly. Her half widen smiles, the look of hesitation in her eyes, and the forced laughter all the more hits close to home with the viewers.

That's basically it. There is more to this film than just Frances, like the snappy dialogue, the poignant honesty, the lovely soundtrack, the beautiful cinematography and authentic characters, but Frances makes this film a remarkable 85 minutes worth spending.

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