The Piano ★★★★

Technically stupendous and an all around feast for the eyes and ears; Campion's The Piano is a compelling examination of the wondrously strange ways in which people treat one another in dire circumstances.

The film tells a beautiful, poetic, sensual and intense story set in New Zealand. Campion has an eye for visuals and not only does New Zealand look haunting and captivating but attention to detail is given in almost every frame. It is a subtle film, not only because of the actors' performances but also the use of sound. With the exception of the piano tracks there is hardly any background music. All the piano tracks are mesmerizing. The love scenes are tastefully handled, with a sense of delicacy and art. The cinematography gives life to the quiet landscape. The Piano is also like a tense mystery. It's haunting and mesmerizing effect has a strong cinematic impact. Even though the ending is conclusive, there is a mystery about it that invites the viewer to revisit.

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