Castle Freak ★★★½

Fucking foul, disgusting, and fabulous. Damn, I forgot how much this movie actually goes there. Stuart Gordon is my kind of maniac. He always brings the gore and grotesque and I am 100% here for all of the above. This is probably my least favorite out of his Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Lovecraftian trilogy, but it's still a wonderfully nasty piece of work. Watched it with Joe Bob Briggs commentary AND the lovely Ms. Crampton popping up to discuss the film. There was a lot of talk about whether or not Castle Freak had a working penis and I don't know what Joe Bob saw but that totally looks like a cut off penis. All I saw was a stump and balls and I'd be mad at the world and eating people too if that's what my crotch looked like.

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