• Eternals




  • The Batman

    The Batman


    I stayed up until like 3 am on a work night to watch this. The power of a hot Batman and an equally sexy Catwoman. Also, I never thought that I would hear a Nirvana song in any kind of superhero movie, literally ever, but I feel like Kurt Cobain kind of would’ve understood without completely crucifying the use of it.

  • X



    There is honestly something damn sexy about a movie that just gets its own vibe so thoroughly and never gives in to anything other than that feel for its entire runtime. X exudes that kind of cinematic sex appeal from beginning to end. It’s completely ridiculous, brilliantly cohesive, and everything I could’ve hoped for and more. After The House of the Devil and now this, it’s beyond safe to say that Ti West just GETS how to make a present…

  • The Andy Warhol Diaries

    The Andy Warhol Diaries

    Fuck Andy Warhol because of what he did to Edie Sedgwick and I’m sad that nothing was mentioned of her in this besides random flashes of her pics every now and then. But also damn I’ve never actually viewed him as a human being with feelings and shit until I saw this. We all play parts and he played his to perfection. Art takes no prisoners. So many thoughts.

  • Fresh



    There are no words to even begin to describe how pleasantly surprised I was by this. Written and directed by women? Check. Fucking weird? Check. Cringey and funny? Check. Relevant? Check. There are so many things about Fresh that make it so goddamn fresh that I honestly don’t know where to start. A beautifully dark descent into our modern dating world and just how supremely fucked both it and we are. Loved loved loved all the nods to how perfectly…

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre


    I knew this was gonna be wild (and not in a good way) when I watched the trailer and Leatherface popped his head up in that field of dead sunflowers. He literally looked like he was taking a shit. Choices. Anyway, there's probably not one second of the plot that makes any real sense and I can't with the people on the bus who see Leatherface wearing a dead woman's face as a mask and the first thing they can think of to do is hold up their cell phones and threaten to "cancel" him. Messy does not even begin to cover it lol.

  • Scream



    Definitely fun. The kills are brutal and intense, there are some nice signature SCREAM franchise red herrings, and the meta-ness is pretty on point. Still though, there's a little something missing. It's the first movie that hasn't been directed by Wes and written by Kevin Williamson so there's for sure gonna be some growing pains trying to find the right direction to keep the franchise going. I liked a lot of the new characters and the writing did a good…

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    It’s no The Shape of Water but damn that’s a sexy ass cast.

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    I was fully expecting to be let down by this movie after about an hour and a half of experiencing this. That last half hour stuck the landing and actually ended up surprising me, which is a very good thing. Honestly tho, how could a movie be anything other than fab when it features Anya Taylor-Joy singing Downtown? Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted walked so she could run. Not the overall acting performance(s) bc Wino Forever and…

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Absolutely stunning to look at and listen to. Jane Campion swirls around her characters and their surroundings with such ease and foresight. This is definitely one of her best. The acting by all the leads is extraordinary. Benedict Cumberbatch plays a stifled and cruel man to perfection and Kodi Smit-McPhee is the definition of trust no twink. Kirsten Dunst radiates heartbreaking purity in every scene she’s in and Jesse Plemons deserves the world. Oh, and I actually screamed when Frances Conroy popped up. Legends.

  • Spencer



    I’m gonna do my damndest to stay away from the Best Actress conversation this year because my energy level is currently at a zero, BUT SHE better win. Kristen Stewart transcends time and provides us with the perfect representation of one of the greatest and most courageous people ever. The mannerisms, the emotion, the everything: flawless. And the film itself is lyrical and ethereal and entirely complements her already classic portrayal of a one of a kind icon. I watched it weeks ago and still wanna cry.

  • The Bad Batch

    The Bad Batch


    Enjoyed this A LOT more than I thought I would, which was probably helped by the fact that Jason Momoa has never looked hotter in a movie but whatever. The film ended up being a mixture of crazy and introspective, like an early Gus Van Sant movie met up with an early Wes Craven movie and they took shrooms together. Did I mention how hot Jason Momoa is in it? Not even kidding.