Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

Well, that was some truly spectacular shite. Gettin' borderline Resident Evil vibes from this (the films, not games), the action is better executed here—but honestly, If I wanted a good story of zombies on The Strip, I'll just play Dead Rising 2, tyvm. It even has a tiger in it, not a zombie one, but one you can have as a pet that can fight zombies for you!

more thoughts I had while watching (spoilers):
- that opening was bad.
- Zack Snyder doesn't direct emotion well.
- this movie demands more color, it could literally
take place anywhere.
- digitally inserted, always smoking Tig is my fave.
- German guy is fun, but also vintage headphones!
(cuz why not?)
- when u can't get Mackenzie Davis, get the French version.
- red bandana'd lady is def a Vasquez clone.
- Garret Dillahunt deserves better characters.
- hibernating zombies? Give me a fucking break.
- this is so stupid, at least there's lots of gore.
- randomly inserted romance subplot right before
a character dies, cool!
- what happened to the daughter's friend? (the whole gd reason for the daughter going into the city in the first place) are we to assume she died in the heli crash? Guess we don't give enough of a fuck about that character to get a confirmation on her status.


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