"You don’t know how things work around here, do you?"

I really couldn't understand how people had the capacity to walk out of High-Rise. This is not only a great film, but it is a artist's film which somehow surpassed my already high (hehe....high...high-rise....good pun) expectations and is one of the most unconventional films of the year.

Now, albeit High-Rise is slightly monotone in it's insanity. Apart from a few particular scenes, it didn't explore the dark areas of it's subject and sticked to a more humours and truly disturbing approach. The point of high-rise is greatly summed up in one of the film's quotes:

"Prone to fits of mania, narcissism... and power failure."

High-rise triples it's cinematic power into three key and well glazed lifestyles of human nature. The Mania is the entertainment factor essentially. The little 'awkward chuckle' worthy moments such as spit roasting a dog for food and bludgeoning someone's eye socket in with a can of paint. The sort of awkward chuckle that deep inside resonates shame into this type of enjoyment. The Narcissism comes from it's commentary on the higher class and how elegantly yet chaotic it falls from grace as soon as one sin progresses into a full blown apocalypse. The Power failure is the human psyche. Quite fittingly, our main protagonist Dr Robert Laing studies the brain. And the building in High-Rise is all one big metaphor for this self-absorbed, drunken, funny, violating, rich and civilised mindset it spits on with great confidence. Flecked with chunks of horse meat and blood.

This will most certainly not be everyone's cup of tea. High-Rise is a tad too long, and the acting was serviceable although the dialogue shoud've been the main focusing of tweaking here. Don't get me wrong, some of it was pretty damn good, just some phrases or lines were a bit curious and silly. Tom Hiddleston did a great job, but the real shining actor was Luke Evans. I wish the primalness and movement seen in him I can't help but wish to have been even wilder in Tom.

High-Rise is an encapsulation of everything bat-shit insane about human hierarchy nature and is a certainly unique, well-shot and also well paced film with a lot of girth and brutality in it's message. You'll laugh, you'll cringe and you'll probably also have a lot of fun.


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