"You don't even know."

I cried twice.

I'm not really sure what else needs to be said to add to the praise this film has received. But here are my scattered thoughts, it's 11pm, and I'm emotionally drained. This is about the best I can do

-Chapter 1 is like a Lion scattered from the pride, Chapter 2 is the elemental passion and fury that stems from youth, Chapter 3 is the tragedy of mundanity. I'm lost for words at how poetic the whole thing is.
-The metaphor of water and sexuality being fluid is perfection
-Don't know how we live in a world where Mahershala Ali wins over Naomie Harris (I liked Mahershala Ali's performance, when he was in the movie)
-Extraordinary technically. Soundtrack is phenomenal, lighting and cinematography, sound design. All on point
-There were a couple moments where it loses its pace and footing, but it's always delicate and it always managed to reel me back in
-Surprisingly experimental
-I love both La la land and Moonlight, don't ask me to be part of your 'pick a side' shit.

Off to Spotify to do the inevitable, listen to this OST for days on end. I don't think I asked for my soul to be torn out of my body, but here we are and I'm not exactly complaining.

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