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  • All the Colors of Giallo

    All the Colors of Giallo


    A very well produced look into the origins of the Italian Giallo film. Essentially a feature length dissertation by Italian film historian Fabio Melelli who displays a vast knowledge of the genre. Interspersed are interviews with some of the filmmakers, writers and stars of these films. Of note are interviews with the still beautiful Edwige Fenech who rarely speaks on the subject and an audio interview with the late Lucio Fulci. Also included; Dario Argento, Barbara Bouchet, Ernesto Gastaldi, George…

  • Videoman



    A comedic romantic thriller for obsessive VHS horror collectors. Your level of enjoyment from this film parallels your familiarity with 80s Italian horror & VHS. The amount of correctness in the details displays a high amount of understanding of this ultra niche cultural subset.

  • Cuckoo On A Choo Choo

    Cuckoo On A Choo Choo


    A Shemp stooge film set in a single location (train car). Quite surreal madness from the boys.

  • Mean Frank and Crazy Tony

    Mean Frank and Crazy Tony


    Version watched: Uncut Italian version primarily English dubbed.

    Being produced by Dino De Laurentiis, this film had the advantage of high production value, quality cast, crew and interesting locations. The story is simple, yet its presented in a fun and exciting manner with the two leads giving top performances. Lee Van Cleef plays cool criminal with natural ease, but its Tony Lo Bianco who tackles a challenging comedic roll with balance that could have easily tipped into annoying goofiness. Sexy…

  • At Eternity's Gate

    At Eternity's Gate


    A beautiful dream-like recreation of the last few months in the life of Van Gogh during his most productive period. Set in actual locations, Defoe becomes Van Gogh and we see how the paintings became, through a colorful haze of sadness and confusion.

  • The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion

    The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion


    A very stylish and well shot film with a beautiful score by Ennio Morricone - and that is where the accolades end. The plot is an illogical jumbled mess forcing the scrip to do a dance around the gaping holes causing all of the characters to act completely stupid to keep the film moving.

    No sympathy is available for poor tormented wife as she repeatedly performs one dumb act after another. Aside from this frustration, the film creeps along from…

  • Deadline - U.S.A.

    Deadline - U.S.A.


    A rousing tale about the importance of a free independent newspaper - back when the press was not so openly biased or reported speculation and wishful thinking as news.

    Bogart says in responding to a question political affiliation: "We're the press, we don't have a political party" - oh, simpler times.

  • Stretch Marks

    Stretch Marks


    A simple story that is well told. A story of loss both physical and emotional. A painfully realistic journey through loneliness and despair.

  • Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

    Happy New Year, Colin Burstead


    Ben Wheatley and his ensemble cast do a version of a Cassavetes film. The style is similar Wheatley's earlier "Down Terrace" and "Kill List" but there is none of the payoff from those earlier and much better films. It seems Wheatley has struggled to find suitable material for his talents since his last, and greatest film "A Field in England".

  • Prospect



    A grungy and what feels to be a very realistic look into the future. No talking robots, laser swords or exploding worlds, this is the future of a gold rush of sorts on far off worlds.

    Exposition is all but completely excised from the story as we are simply placed into the events and watch with wonder and amazement. The scrip crackles with a poetic oddness that says it is not our now but some other place and time.


  • Overlord



    Outstanding visuals and some explosive actions scenes do much to cover the plot problems along with a scrip that uses too many other WWII films as a basis of history. Pacing is also a problem as a large section of the film is a static location. The finale, when it comes is very impressive as is the detailed and realistic French village and underground laboratory.

  • Spasmo



    A confusing and confounding mess of a story about a possible manic that is more dull then dangerous. Umberto Lenzi is no Sergio Martino. Suzy Kendall does little to improve things and star Robert Hoffmann is so unappealing.