• Cry of the City

    Cry of the City


    An enjoyable crime thriller thanks to a good script and excellent performance by Richard Conte. There is some interesting sub-texts interwoven to a traditional crime film that give the film some real depth. The depiction of an New York Italian American family is realistic and sympathetic. This must have been a popular film with that community.

    The street scenes film in NYC are fascinating to see and the use of sets is kept to a minimum as is the melodrama.

  • Salem's Lot

    Salem's Lot


    One of the earliest and best King adaptions, TV movies and scares kids watching TV could have.

  • A Stranger in Town

    A Stranger in Town


    A simplistic Italian western with a minimal plot, sparse dialogue but a highly enjoyable cast.

    Tony Anthony, Frank Wolff and a music score by Benedetto Ghiglia are essentially what this film has going for it - but with these elements an above average and fun western was built. Clearly with a limited budget this film plays out using an often used Spanish village film set were one by one Anthony kills off Wolff's henchmen with some creativity. The village seems…

  • California



    For a later period Italian wester this picture is quite a surprise. In the later half of the 1970s the genre was loosing popularity so budges were cut leading to many cheap looking westerns that shifted over to silly comedy. Here director Michele Lupo, who would become well known for his comedic films, creates a deadly serious, high quality western film.

    With a great cast and often told but still interesting storyline this picture truly elevated to greatness mostly due…

  • A Pain in the Ass

    A Pain in the Ass


    A fast moving and completely enjoyable black comedy with a perfect performance by the great Lino Ventura.

    Walking a fine line of outrageous slapstick pared with a violent crime thriller, where we are treated to a restrained by hysterical build up of outrageous events complicating a mob hitman's task of eliminating a witness. Lino Ventura is perfectly cast as the tough mob killer Ralf Milan who while everything around him disaster, he remains laser focused on his target.

    The film moves along at a quick pace and includes shootouts, fistfights and a thrilling high-speed car ride.

  • The Boxer

    The Boxer


    Seemingly promoted as a "Rocky" style boxing film this is actually an Italian crime/giallo filmed in New Mexico with Robert Blake!

    What appears to be a film benefiting from some sort of financial largess by the state of New Mexico film commission, this jumbled and fairly sloppy picture has quite the cast list. Blake, on the verge of stardom give his typical rambling style performance albeit here with much more profanity. His co-stars read like a list of top actors…

  • Smile Before Death

    Smile Before Death


    A fantastic looking giallo with wild sets design, funky soundtrack and a great cast of Italian beauties with a very free spirited attitude.

    Jenny Tamburi is perfectly cast as a teenage slut with evil intentions. One can sympathize with the men (and women) she seduces. Even beautiful Rosalba Neri falls victim to this little tramps powers. Silvano Tranquilli is excellent here as well. Keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of Barbara Bouchet dancing wildly at a party sequence.


  • Trackdown



    A gritty and tough LA based revenge film with an excellent cast and a fast moving story.

    With a great performance by James Mitchum and co-star a surpassingly sexy Cathy Lee Crosby this film's story is nothing new, especially during this decade violent vigilante and revenge pictures. What sets this film apart is the scummy realism of its Los Angels locations, realistic depiction of street thugs and high-rolling criminals. The film can get quite nasty at times making the climax…

  • Redneck


    With a stunning opening sequence, most films would have trouble keeping up the pace to such a level. Here, the filmmakers chose to not even try opting for terrible comedic slapstick. On paper, the plot and its actors seem to ensure a ripping good action/crime film - but in reality this picture falls apart after the first ten minutes. All of the performances are way over-the-top with Telly Savalas being the most guilty. With some occasional nasty violence and a…

  • The Liquidator

    The Liquidator


    A dopy and way over-the-top Bond spoof with a horrible over-acting Rod Taylor in the lead.

    As Shirley Bassey starts screaming the title music we are immediately informed as to the intent of the picture - to be over-blown and bombastic. Rod Taylor mugs and makes silly faces showing his lack of comedy skills. A pity as he is an excellent action performer as seen in such fantastic thrillers as "Dark of the Sun" also for director Jack Cardiff who…

  • A Man for Emmanuelle

    A Man for Emmanuelle


    Ones enjoyment viewing this film is in direct correlation to ones appreciation to its star; Erika Blanc. Nearly every frame of this experimental art-house wannabe is focused on Ms Blanc. Those seeking a linear story line or a plot will be disappointed. A tolerance for 60s mod, swinging camerawork and endless voiceovers of random thoughts is a prerequisite.

  • My Dear Killer

    My Dear Killer


    A convoluted Giallo with some nasty kills and a good performance by George Hilton.

    Lacking any revolutionary style found in the pictures by Martino or Argento this film moves along with a but too much talk and an abundance of red-hearings. One of the kills via electric saw is quite startling as is the subtext of pedophilia. The male cast is good, the female cast very lacking. Missing are the stunning beauties that populated the genre during this period.