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  • An Average Little Man

    An Average Little Man


    Comic actor ALberto Sordi is excellent in this Kafkaesque comedy where he joins the Freemason in order to help his beloved son climb the corporate ladder. Here is where things change in a drastic way best left for the viewer to discover. Is this a indictment of the masonic religion and a cautionary tale of a vengeful Catholic god? Shelly Winters co-stars and is perfectly cast and easily plays an put-upon Italian wife.

  • Decision at Sundown

    Decision at Sundown

    The weakest of the Boetticher/Scott film series. This picture has none of the grandeur and scope as it primary set bound in a fairly phony western town and Scott spends a large chunk of time in a room yelling. The cast is dull, the plot is poor and even Scott's performance is weak.

  • Weekend



    Pretentious and tedious with moments of brilliant absurd comedy. Best viewed primarily for the extended "single shot" tracking shot presenting an ever increasingly strange traffic jam on a country road in France. This film would have benefited if released as a short with only this scene. The rest of the film one gets the feeling that the joke is on the viewer as a pretense of art is the metaphor.

  • The Case of the Bloody Iris

    The Case of the Bloody Iris


    A very stylish giallo with an attractive cast lead by the stunning beauty Edwige Fenech. She is able to elevate a film with her unique and gorgeous appearance. Unfortunately the picture is hampered by sloppy direction and a fairly dull plot. Judging the scrip is difficult via the English language dub as it is so poor. Its hard to believe it the people responsible for that version were following Ernesto Gastaldi scrip at all. The voices used for the dub are also a problem and would be better suited dubbing cartoons.

  • The Professionals

    The Professionals


    A good western elevated with a great cast and even better cinematography by Conrad L. Hall. His lighting gives this film a stunning quality all the more apparent now with a HD presentation of this film.

  • Red Rings of Fear

    Red Rings of Fear


    The final film in the "schoolgirls trilogy" by director Massimo Dallamano; with the other two being -"What Have You Done to Solange?" and "What Have They Done to Your Daughters?" Unfortunately Dallamano died before he could direct this and is only left with a screenplay credit. This time out the sex and violence is a bit more graphic - perhaps a bit too, with the unsettling abortion scene. The story is focused on young schoolgirls in an all girl catholic…

  • The Last Desperate Hours

    The Last Desperate Hours


    In this case the English language title is more fitting then the translated Italian one: Milan: the Calabrese clan.

    Here we have a stunning twist on the waring mafia story with an amazing plot line where main protagonist, played with gusto by Antonio Sabato, is bitten by a lab rat that was infected by scientists with a dangerous virus. In twenty four hours he will become patient zero and spread a deadly plague throughout Milan! He's only interested in finding…

  • Red Sun

    Red Sun


    Well directed with nice photography and cast, particularly Bronson, looking fantastic, and Toshirô Mifune as the fish out of water. Luc Merenda unfortunately has a tiny roll. Also unfortunate is the casting of Ursula Andress, who while looks great, only drags the picture into goofy comedy with her over-the-top screaming. The film has too many characters to service so it becomes over-long and a bit plodding to an unsatisfying conclusion.

  • The Cat o' Nine Tails

    The Cat o' Nine Tails


    The master of the genre at his prime.

  • Emergency Squad

    Emergency Squad


    A great cast and nice photography can do little to help a plodding story that has far too little action and way too much goofy comedic elements.

    Tomas Milian gives a strong performance as a cigar chomping Interpol agent seeking revenge against a german gangster but his character feels like its in the wrong film with the rest of the cast acting like buffoons. Dull Ray Lovelock is on hand but fortunately only plays a corpse, and is quite good at it. Gastone Moschin looks the part, even with his phony bleached hairdo.

  • So Sweet, So Dead

    So Sweet, So Dead


    A fairly graphic giallo that perversely lingers on the corpses of bloodied nude women that have slashed to death with a stiletto. The killer seeks to murder unfaithful wives after they have been documented cheating and slutting around. This shadowy assassin seems to have the power to freeze women into state of terror causing them to stumble over the slightest object only to drool glassy-eyed as they are stabbed to death.

    There are some familiar faces and sexy bodies on…

  • Mark Strikes Again

    Mark Strikes Again

    Franco Gasparri stars as "Mark" again as a cop undercover looking like a dazed and dirty hippy with an ugly afro who infiltrates a gang of terrorists. The group lead by John Steiner with a terrible German accent in the English dubbed version, that sounds like Basil Fawlty.

    There is very little action or much suspence in this messy and meandering film as we are "treated" to many scenes of Mark, looking intense, wandering the streets, getting in his car,…