Audition ★★

Such a shame, but Audition comes onto my list of "universally praised, you say what?!"-list: it didn't pull the right piano strings on me.

I honestly cannot think af anything special to really like in this movie. It's a very slow starter, in fact it's almost a no-starter, only at the point when he phones her after a couple of days' silence (in a brilliant scene) I thought, yes, let the games begin, but the ignited sparks burned out immediately. Except for the kiri kiri (which is a type of cheese here) scenes, nothing remarkable happened, probably because I'm already hardened by more recent torture horror.

I admit I dozed off shortly a couple of times because of this persistent sinusitis, so a rewatch could be fair, but to be honest I cannot pull myself together for reliving this.

Kiri kiri.

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