Halloween ★★★★½

The start.
That tune is so... No words to describe the epicness (only an annoying 'pop' once in a while which made me think the water tap is leaking).

Then, the camera, from a first person viewpoint, sneaking around a house, as a thief in the night, entering and doing what's expected, only to come to a harrowing conclusion. What a start, very tickling.

A bit further we meet JL Curtis. Hi Jamie Lee.
She's going to school. She's kind of dreamy looking outside when she notices a car and a strange guy.
Well, I wasn't familiar with the works of Carpenter, and I read the abundant comparisons after watching It Follows with his style, well, after this shot it was all perfectly clear to me. And much more shots to follow. It's actually almost unbelievable, once the weird guy starts (dis)appearing, you are so scanning the back- and foreground of every shot, looking for anything present. Totally mesmerizing.

This, in combination with exquisite use of shadows, putting you on the wrong foot, and also on the edge of your seat, results in the closest 'eyes glued to the screen' experience you will, or at least I have ever encountered.

(The movie has ended, and I think I should call a plumber, my water tap seems to be leaking.)

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