In Fear ★★

In search of a hotel for the night, a young couple gets stuck in a road maze, and seem to go round in circles, just like in the Blair witch project, but then in a car.
It's interesting, makes you wonder what will happen next. Tension is building, like water slowly filling a bath tub. But, instead of further opening the water tap, after some everlasting stupid character decisions (who exactly starts drinking whiskey when being lost?), the plug is pulled out, and together with the water and the tension, my interest was going down the drain.
Throughout, the director tries to elevate the quality level by implementing some would-be cinematographic shots of passing trees and other scenery, but he doesn't really succeed, and further fails to come up with believable charaters, not helped by the performances itself.
Despite the rather high Metacritic score, I wasn't expecting much because of some negative reviews popping up in my activity stream, yet it was capable of disappointing me and making me check the clock more than I would like for such a short movie.

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