Last Shift

Last Shift ★★★

"You're the first, you're the last, my final shift".

A young female rookie officer gets a first, rather odd, assignment. She has to guard a soon to be abandoned police station, and almost immediately realizes that not all is what it seems, or not all that seems is real...

Apart from a couple of outdoor scenes, all the action takes place in the confines of the police station, with long hallways, painted in sterile white, and lots of different rooms with metal doors perfectly designed for slamming, both serving as the basis for all the stuff going on.

And that's a lot, and although the proceedings are rather familiar, like masked hoodlums, telekinetic events, otherworldly phonecalls, sudden appearances..., the package as a whole is effective.
Slowly but certainly we are sucked into the story, and as there's a mounting sense of dread and what's going to happen next, we feel sorry for all she has to endure (definitely helped by a terrific performance of our rookie cop), leading to a satisfying ending of this late night friday evening watch.

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