Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

QT is doing his thing: he's letting reside his characters in the universe he loves himself and mixes this with his own spin on the Manson mania.

When the story is apparently going nowhere and about nothing peculiar, well that's when you rely on dialogue and performances. But ain't that exactly the specialty of the QT guy. Pitt and DiCaprio are having a great time, and when they both share the stage the cinematic quality splashes from the silver screen.

Leonardo is playing a once famous actor Rick Dalton, who starred in a known western TV show, but now being on his retour, and in his wake follows Pitt who's his stand-in and stuntman and driver and handyman. It's harsh times, and gradually Rick loses the main character role and has to downgrade to the bad guy stuff. It's in these adventures we follow the both of them, quite extensively I must say, but never dragging and never being any less than entertaining. I can imagine people find the western movie in a movie off-putting, but even then, with DiCaprio losing his lines, it's just terrific cinema.

A minor complaint may be that QT himself likes that era so much he crams in as much music and radio messages from back then, but it feels like he's the type of DJ who's playing only what he likes to hear himself to show off his music library. Also the scenes with Tate watching herself were of minor relevance to me.

The final act is vintage QT when he relies more on the proceedings itself than on the period piece he's creating, mixed with brilliant dialogue and sometimes nearly unbearable violence, but when the movie title appeared onscreen to point out the finale is over, well my back was happy, but my cinematic G-spot wasn't satisfied yet and ready for more of this epic goodness.

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