Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

Even as amazing on a rewatch as the first time in the cinema, Once... manages to be compelling even during the extended running time. Only during some short sequences, mostly with Robbie onscreen (sorry...), one could think of checking the clock or going to fetch one of these delicious cocktails, but the rest of the time is just chilling and watching the lives of an actor on his return and his stuntman/handyman/friend unfold.

Some of you may find it remains too distant, there's too much driving and too much stuff irrelevant to the story (the TV shows Dalton is starring in), but thanks to Tarantino and his exquisite writing I could watch this 7 days a week. DiCaprio is his vintage self, but Pitt is truly stealing the show, more on the background, but always in sight, and steps to the front in a truly magnificent final act when the tone suddenly changes.

Such a wonderful movie.

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