Room ★★★½

*spoilers present*

Despite the intrinsic sadness and intolerable cruelty of the nature of this story, making this impossible not to care for, there was something withholding me from enjoying this throughly, and I can even say it got a bit tedious towards the third act when they have left the small confines of the Room for Grandma's house.

The situations in the Room are perfectly portrayed, of course aided by wonderful performances of mother and child, and the stuff they encounter are truly familiar for any parent. I did not read anything beforehand, so there was initially a sense of mystery regarding the motivations of the mother, but that faded away quite fast obviously.

After the one hour mark, when they were able to escape, I pressed the Netflix pause button and asked my wife what the following hour would be about. Then we see the aftermath of their rescue, when he has to learn to live in the normal everyday world, and she's struggling with their history and future. Even her dad has some issues with their return, as he's not able to look at the boy, a fact that unfortunately is put aside for the rest of the movie.

The ending provides closure in a wonderful scene again between mother and kid, but my response to it was not as emotional as I would have thought, turning all this into a heartfelt and intimate story of love between mother and child but at the same time I expected more.

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