Sweetwater ★★★★

Well I'll be damned, I just got kicked off my horse.

Ain't this a pleasant western surprise. Call it what you will, Tarantino-lite bla bla, but this is good. Like in the Far West, let me challenge you: name me a bad scene. Find one?

Shoot, I win.

It works. I felt bad for January's guy. She's mad, and gets her revenge. Oh, and she gets naked. But it's functional, she kills 2 men by luring them. Who's complaining?

Also present: some nice shots: the crosses alongside the road, the approaching shot of the guy making a fence, the upside downs.
Even more present: Ed Harris. Make him sheriff, give him a star, give him a statue. His scene at the preacher's dinner table is magnificent. His jacket, his behaviour, again, closest to Tarantino that you will get or you end up his lap.

Let me recommend this. Forget Metacritic.
Grab your gun and saddle your couch.

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