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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Ow ow.
What a terrific, terrifying experience.
Spine-chilling atmosphere. No jump scares (can you imagine that these days?)
Oh dear camera, can I crawl with you under the blankets?
Thanks, good to be here.
Isn’t it morning yet?
Whew, I see sunlight…
But it earns extra points: the scares aren’t limited to the nocturnal activities.
Be alert, every time of the day.

The acting: the boy is awesome. How he tries to convince his mother of the presence of other beings. His homemade defense weapons. Magnificent.
The mother. Unbelievable. What an extent of emotions she manages to perform. From caring mom, to the incarnation of the demon. She succeeds, flawlessly.
It’s only during this possession, when all the registers are opened, that it becomes too much, certainly regarding the previous events.
Then the ending. They live happily ever after. Like in a fairy tale. But one with a pitch dark edge. And something in the basement.

To conclude something personal I encountered during this viewing. That evening my youngest son had been practising some correct spelling of words for school on a piece of paper. That paper, with his written words, was lying on the kitchen table. I paused the movie to pour me a glass of wine. The bottle was empty, I put it away, and as I took a sip my eye fell on one of the words he wrote: ‘spoken’. Which is the Dutch word for ghosts.
I kid you not.

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