The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest ★★★

A successfull young businessman and his lover are involved in a car accident with tragic consequences. Together they take hard decisions to prevent that their affair comes out into the open but things spiral out of control.
The story is told by the young guy through flashbacks to his lawyer to leave him as unharmed as possible. The crime is set, the proceedings are engaging. Dialogue, images moving the plot forward. Some easy conveniences along the way, but no problem until the third act comes into play.
What follows is a myriad of other viewpoints, half-truths and little lies with characters trying to outsmart one another, and by the time the final reveal is onscreen, you as a spectator, you realize your bucket of plot twists and other reveals is as full as an egg, your head is aching from trying to keep the puzzle pieces fitting but you continuously have to relocate them so that in the end it's not funny any more.
The movie is too complicated than it needs to be and comes over as a vicious circle, like a snake biting and slowly swallowing its own tale.

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