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  • Battle: Los Angeles

    Battle: Los Angeles


    Somewhat alluring for 20 minutes or so - it's like some kind of What A Good Mike Bay Movie Could Be with BLACK HAWK DOWN going CLOVERFIELD with ALIENS thrown in for good mesure.

    Then its like, oh, its just another movie where people lie dying in the mud saying stuff like "Tell lil' Timmy I won't be comin' home for christmas... *arrrgh*"

    That's great and all, too bad that's completely the other movie - the one this wouldn't be, if it wasn't.

    Another way to describe it is HOT SHOTS 2 but not a comedy.

  • Life of Pi

    Life of Pi


    A movie about agnosticism is pretty rare. Typically we get schmaltzy US feel-good biblicism-in-disguise or pretentious Euro feel-bad existentialism that's just sexually frustrated. This movie is truly human -
    sad, happy, warm, cold, mortal, imaginative and nature-bound.

    But its take on storytelling and allegory is really just a symptom of the excellent filmmaking that LIFE OF PI consists of. Had it been clunkier or less elegant, it wouldn't have been able to be so good on so many levels. Everything,…

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  • Alien



    The first time I saw this I was eight years old. Unforgettable. I never understood why she had to go back to get the cat. Until a couple of years ago when I moved in with a girl who happened to own one. So today I'm a cat owner who's scoopin' poop on a daily basis. However, when you're that close to another life-form you really develop a bond. I'd never dream of abandoning that grumpy thing on a spaceship ready to blow with a hostile alien being the only company.

    So now, in my eyes, ALIEN really is a 100% perfect film.

  • Pan's Labyrinth

    Pan's Labyrinth


    After eight years, it's a bit of a letdown to find that PAN'S LABYRINTH really isn't a film about any labyrinth of Pan's but rather a film about a Spanish fascist general killing or torturing a bunch of people. In the confused moral landscape of the film, fascism seems to constitute "reality"; so I guess we're all fascists at heart, unless we live in fantasy worlds of course.

    The film is imaginative but I found it to be a bit…