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  • The Meg

    The Meg


    Originally I was going to give THE MEG a more negative review, as it disappointed me in terms of not being fun enough to make a lasting impression on me. But as I thought about it, the film does have some technical merit going for it, with beautiful cinematography and a nice flow [even if it sacrifices character development]. And the actors seem to be having fun, with Jason Statham being the awesome badass that he is. He’s honestly the…

  • Stone Cold

    Stone Cold


    STONE COLD isn’t the most original action film out there, but it’s definitely one of most fun. This is definitely a beer-and-popcorn movie that the action genre fans will absolutely love. The film never lets up, with something happening in every scene - whether it’s Brian Bosworth looking cool while rocking that mullet, Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe trying to see who can ham it up more, or just insane action sequences that will pump the blood in your veins.…

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  • Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzz


    HOT FUZZ is on fire. What a great comedy this is. The film is very self-aware of its spoofing of action films and does it in an intelligent and witty manner that many other spoof comedies tend to miss the mark on [looking at you DATE MOVIE & EPIC MOVIE]. The references to POINT BREAK and BAD BOYS II aren't just used to make people laugh, but as a storytelling element that helps move the story of Angel and Butterman along.…

  • The Pit

    The Pit


    It's been quite a while since I've had real fun with a film, but THE PIT definitely met the quota and deserves the attention of every horror fiend out there who is willing to take a chance on a pretty subliminally deep flick. What should have been a more emotional story is turned into a silly piece of fluff about Trogs and a really perverted and troubled kid with an evil teddy bear. Sometimes, that's all we need in our entertainment. THE PIT is one film worth jumping into.