Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky ★★★★

I can probably see where some were disappointed in CULT OF CHUCKY. But it surprisingly won me over with how surreal and crazy it ended up being. The acting is solid, especially by Fiona Dourif. It’s great to see Alex Vincent officially back into the fold. The direction by Don Mancini is competent and confident, as he certainly has control over the film he’s probably been wanting to make for a while now. And while certain story elements could have been explained more, as well as wishing CULT was a more self-contained story rather than a set up to a bigger film down the line, I thought the narrative added some freshness to Chucky’s character arc and future success of the franchise. It’s amazing that after 29 years, CULT OF CHUCKY proves that the franchise is still hanging on strongly without a reboot and with a strong sense of continuity. The next CHILD’S PLAY is going to be something and I can’t wait to see what craziness comes next.

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