Iron Sky ★★★

To me, it always comes back to the fact that this.. thing.. started with a bunch of Finns in a basement (or wherever), making the ultimate fan film - a Star Trek / Babylon 5 mashup called STAR WRECK: IN THE PIIRKINNING. It was stupid, overlong, technically astounding and very funny the two times it was funny. It took them 15 years to get to that point. Then they decided to do a movie about Nazis on the moon. The geek commmunity loved the Idea, some even chipped in. That took seven more years And now it's here. How do you review something like that? Over twenty years of work and all you get is three stars and a meh?

Well, yes and no. Whatever else you think about it Iron Sky is different. It takes its central premise (complete with kickass production design, cool cgi, Udo Kier as a nazi leader and an absolutely kick ass soundtrack by slovenian krautrock pranksters Laibach) and milks it, while trying to make a spoof, a "stranger abroad" comedy AND a political satire with several nods to Doctor Strangelove. Some of it works. Some of it even works great. Lots of it doesn't, but (adopts trailer voice) in a world where moste cgi-based spaced movies appear to be designed by the monkeys at the beginning of 28 Days Later. This is, at least, something.

So three stars, a meh and a round of applause to a bunch of geeks who've made something which, while not great, you've NEVER seen the likes of before. I, for one, am grateful.