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  • Nerve



    A surprisingly tolerable experience! I loved the cool, almost oversaturated cinematography. I like that the script avoids a few very obvious clichés and gives an insightful, (dare I say) woke message about our current cultural state. The premise is eerily conceivable and there are only a few minor details that the movie doesn't get right about information technology (I mean, "fastest Internet in New York?" How bad is Internet availability in New York these days?). What I didn't like was…

  • War for the Planet of the Apes

    War for the Planet of the Apes


    First of all, yes, this is the best part of the new trilogy. Andy Serkis deserves the first Oscar nomination for his performance alongside with a nomination for Weta for best special effects (or bring back the Special Achievement award, as the members of the Empire podcast have pointed it out). I was always skeptic about performance capture because I've seen evidence how Weta has enhanced some of the performances by changing facial expressions here and there, and also there's…

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  • On Body and Soul

    On Body and Soul


    What a beauty. Between this and Moonlight, I'm so glad we had two low-key stories about love that tell more with faces and expressions than with words. Borbély Alexandra and Morcsányi Géza are both fantastic. Borbély has a lot of responsibility in playing a character who's struggling with self-expression, and the small moments in which she slips up and lets an emotion flit across her face are incredibly powerful. I generally haven't had issues with the acting in Hungarian movies…

  • Logan



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I did not fall immediately in love with Logan, but 1,5 weeks after seeing it, I can say it really was a transformative experience for me. It is always a good sign if a movie still makes you think days after watching it.

    This is the first-ever comic book movie that showcases not one but two award-worthy performances (Road to Perdition might be the only exception here). I'm not exaggerating. We've been watching Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman in…