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  • Coco



    The fact that kids love their grandparents might have taken Pixar by surprise at the time of Up!, but it sure seems like they figured it out now. Coco's most touching moments come from Miguel's and his great-grandma's, the titular Coco's interactions, even though we spend most of the time with his close relatives.

    At the heart of the story is Miguel, who, as a Marty McFly-type protagonist, goes through barely any character development, but serves as a catalyst for…

  • Wind River

    Wind River


    Probably Taylor Sheridan's least subtle script yet, but it's filled with powerful moments that overwhelmed me. This is a movie that wouldn't have benefitted from more nuanced dialogues or acting. Jeremy Renner is an ace in a leading role that perfectly fits his capable everyman charisma. I wouldn't be surprised if he got nominated at next year's Oscars. His face alone tells most of the story here.

    Sheridan keeps the script tight, each scene is driven by a conflict, and…

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  • On Body and Soul

    On Body and Soul


    What a beauty. Between this and Moonlight, I'm so glad we had two low-key stories about love that tell more with faces and expressions than with words. Borbély Alexandra and Morcsányi Géza are both fantastic. Borbély has a lot of responsibility in playing a character who's struggling with self-expression, and the small moments in which she slips up and lets an emotion flit across her face are incredibly powerful. I generally haven't had issues with the acting in Hungarian movies…

  • Logan



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I did not fall immediately in love with Logan, but 1,5 weeks after seeing it, I can say it really was a transformative experience for me. It is always a good sign if a movie still makes you think days after watching it.

    This is the first-ever comic book movie that showcases not one but two award-worthy performances (Road to Perdition might be the only exception here). I'm not exaggerating. We've been watching Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman in…