Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★

So I tend to give classic slashers like this higher scores than they probably deserve objectively because of how much they enjoy them. For a more populist way of thinking this is no matter, but I try to be as fair as possible. That all being said, this form of cinematic comfort food that is part III I just couldn't help from delivering a score based purely of my enjoyment of it.

This third part is quite fascinating in this series for many reasons. First, it is among the few horror films ever shot in 3D (for its third film, get it) and much like the others resorts to cheap gags instead of finding ways to creatively instill it in the kills and the narrative. Plus, it sometimes feels like they had periods where they forgot there was supposed to be 3D so any time it does happen you're like "Oh yeah, that's right". Still, it is thoroughly entertaining for purely for the schlock of it.

Beyond this gimmick, however, was the design of Jason such as HOW he got the hockey mask. It's funny as I don't really think about how Michael Myers got his mask, but for Jason its a rather goofy idea he got it from the chubby comic relief. Why he feels he need a mask? I don't know, but you can't say it didn't successfully make hockey masks terrifying. I just feel like as a nitpick they didn't do a good job explaining how he survived the previous film nor how/why his look changed (still scary, but part 2's harrier design was better). Still, it is one of the better Jason designs and you have to give it credit for being one of the most iconic.

Other than what it's known for, it has a plethora of other strengths. The side characters are fun and well casted with my particular favorites being stoners Chili and Chuck who I really think would've been more interesting as the leads (honestly, they make the film for me). Instead of them, however, the final girl in Chris Higgins is given a commendable performance by Dana Kimmell despite shallow writing for her character (strangely the side characters are more densely written than the star).

Also, the kills and standard effects definitely adhere to the standards set by its predecessors and thus while not edge of your seat thrilling is still makes you jump every one in awhile.

My one qualm with this, however, is the very beginning. I'm sorry, but doing like the last film by replaying the final scenes of the previous film is just flat out laziness that makes for sequential viewing through the series rather annoying. Seriously, I get maybe its to remind viewers or for people who didn't see the second part, but it really isn't necessary given there wasn't any overlap into this film.

To assess it overall, I have to say that as hoaky as some of its presentation is I just absolutely love this one. I guess maybe it is the enjoyable corny 3D effects or the lovably eccentric side characters that just makes this one I love to come back to. Say what you want about the flaws of part 3, but I enjoy as a good cinematic $1 cheeseburger that fully satisfies my cravings every time.

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