Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ★★★★½

I never understood why people weren't crazy about this film like the others. I appreciated its narrative change of pace from the first three while still managing to build this world in unexpected ways AND thickening the plot of the franchise's overarching story. Not only that, but it notably has a phenomenal performance from a young Robert Pattinson who admittedly steals much of the thunder from Daniel Radcliffe in many scenes. That all being said, it's probably how different it was plotwise and how overshadowed Radcliffe was that ultimately made many indifferent to it, but for me was actually a satisfying breath of fresh air. Admittedly, this is the last of them I've seen so I'll have to see the others and get back on how I feel about them, but I must say this is probably my favorite so far of what I've seen in the franchise.