Magic ★★★★

Horror Hunt #27 (September 2020): #12

Jerry Goldsmith is a good composer, go watch a movie he's composed for.

This was a really odd little film. The beginning sequence HAD to have been an influence on the stand-up comedy scene in Joker, as it matched in both tone and aesthetic. This is the youngest that I've seen Anthony Hopkins in a film and he was pretty great here. He delivers a very creepy and complicated performance that kept me really engaged for the entire film. Ann-Margret was as lovely as ever, but I kept questioning her judgment in this as she just seemed to be really enamored with the super creepy dummy, Fats. Richard Attenborough gives us some decent scenes here that are all well-shot and effective. I'm such a sucker for a freeze-frame at the end of a film, as well. Goldsmith's score (the focal point of the day) was decent but not anything to write home about. If you're looking for a really weird and creepy, but also oddly engaging time, give this one a go.

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