You Don't Nomi

You Don't Nomi ★★★★★

When I first heard about this documentary, I thought it would go in the way of so many other retrospective pieces where it's simply fans saying how much they love it. That's not the case at all here. Instead of being a thoughtless document of the fans, this documentary takes an incredibly analytical look at this controversial film and it's problematic director and constructs an interesting redemptive arc for Elizabeth Berkeley. While I would have loved for her to be interviewed in this, the footage that is used of her discussing the film and more is so profound and effective. The documentary weaves together conflicting analyses from multiple film scholars and makes for this incredibly thought-provoking experience that makes you think about a film that is generally regarded as rather thoughtless. I was honestly riveted for the entirety of this documentary and wish that it had been longer. What a legitimately incredible work! I've hosted several Showgirls screenings for friends over the years, and this documentary just really captures why I keep returning to this incredibly bizarre and troubled film. If you've ever seen Showgirls and have brushed it off, are a member of the cult following, or just want to see excellent film analysis, give this documentary a go. It proves that there is so much more than a simple love it or hate it approach to this film. I honestly loved this documentary. So great!

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