• We Need to Talk About Kevin

    We Need to Talk About Kevin


    Having just read the book, I figured I was overdue for a rewatch of this one. While it does obviously have to limit the scope of the novel due to running time, this is an incredibly well-directed film that delves just as deep into the minds of both Eva and Kevin. The main contrast with the novel is that the book is epistolary, meaning it is consistently Eva's thoughts that we experience for the entire narrative. While everything here is…

  • The Tomb of Ligeia

    The Tomb of Ligeia


    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #24

    "Roger Corman was an immensely influential horror creator, who launched the careers of a ton of cinema greats. He was a legend. Let's watch a movie he produced or directed, there's about a million."

    I could watch Vincent Price walk around a gothic castle all damn day. This had everything that I love about a Corman/Price collab: glorious costumes, theatricality, a fantastic gothic location (but with even nicer location shooting this time), and a very moody aesthetic. I really loved the epic cat in this, as well! Just a very fun time.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi


    Overall, I really enjoyed this. It drags a bit in the middle, but the finale was excellent. It’s fun seeing McGregor enjoying himself and Hayden has definitely improved since III. I liked the more cinematic aesthetic of this one, as well. A little trimming and this could be perfect.

  • Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat

    Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat


    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #23

    "Pick a horror movie the person who posted above you recently logged. The first person can use me."

    I had no idea what to expect from this one. And it turned out to be a very funny and campy delight. It was also just a who's who of glorious folks that I love. This definitely made up for the lack of Bruce Campbell in Maniac Cop 2. This was just an incredibly fun time with some very enjoyable characters. A very fun discovery!

  • Maniac Cop 2

    Maniac Cop 2


    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #22

    "This is Bruce Campbell's birthday, and I'd be failing you if I didn't have you watch a movie with The Chin himself."

    A day behind. Ugh. This was definitely not the best choice for a Bruce Campbell film, as he was barely even in it. Ugh. This one was really suffering from its lack of both Campbell and Tom Atkins from the original. It has some fun moments and some cool fire practical effects,…

  • Clearcut



    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #21

    "Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, so we will watch an Indigenous horror movie."

    So, this one didn't really work for me. I feel like it really wants us to be on the white dude's side, which I just honestly never was. Arthur is totally justified in this, for me. I just don't really know what the main goal here was. Because, if it's trying to comment on how violent protest isn't…

  • Orca



    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #20

    "The 20th is the anniversary of Jaws release, so watch a movie where an animal attacks."

    Damn! I really enjoyed this one and it did not end how I was expecting it to, which was really fantastic. Totally on the whale's side of this argument after what Richard Harris and his crew did to it. Charlotte Rampling was really fun in this as well, and looked absolutely incredible. The Morricone score was good, as…

  • Frailty



    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #19

    "The 19th is Father's Day in North America, let's watch a movie with a central relationship with a father."

    This was a solid enough time. It did kind of drag a bit at the beginning, but then it picked up kind of nicely. Good for Gary Giggles getting more screen time and giving a solid performance in this one. I love me some Bill Paxton. Some solid twists here.

  • The Nan Movie

    The Nan Movie


    I really enjoyed myself. It’s not great obviously, but if you like Catherine Tate, you’ll most likely enjoy this. It’s got her characteristic raunch but also some genuinely charming emotional moments, as well. Nan is always a treat!

  • Fear



    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #18

    "Rewatch a horror movie you haven't seen in a very, very long time, that was integral to your love of horror, or helped introduce you to the genre."

    So, I went with all new-to-me films for this challenge. So I picked one that I think would have been a big deal to me as a kid. And I chose correctly. This was absolutely insane and middle school me would have gobbled this up with…

  • Don't Torture a Duckling

    Don't Torture a Duckling


    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #17

    “The 17th is the birthday of the legendary Lucio Fulci, let's watch a movie of his. Fulci Lives.”

    This is by far my favorite Fulci film that I’ve seen so far. I can see why folks wouldn’t like it as much as some of his other films, as the gore is not as over-the-top, but the narrative here was really fantastic and while I guessed the killer pretty early on, the film remained very…

  • Eraserhead



    Horror Hunt #48 (June 2022): #16

    “As such a huge horror fan I'm ashamed to admit I've never seen Rosemary's Baby, and I'll use this list to rectify that. Watch a mega horror movie where someone would exclaim "you've never seen that?".”

    Glad to finally be able to check this one off the list! :) The textures, and really everything, of the baby were just repulsive. Hahaha