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  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    One of the very few movies where you are kind of happy that it looses some of it's intensity in the second half, at least temporarily.

    So, after rewatching it (and vaguely remembering some parts of "Pervert's guide to cinema") I'll try my shaky explanation of what's going on in this film:

    So yes, the sax guy (Bill Pullman) did kill his wife. His sexual frustration (nicely shown by a post-coital slow motion clap on his shoulder by his wife)…

  • Dune



    Now, after seeing Dune for the first I'am really hyped for Deni Villeneuve's version of it. Great story, even greater design, but much too improve on here, especially in the second half.

    Nevertheless during watching it I almost never got the feeling I'm not watching a David Lynch movie. Also I think it does not differ that much from the film Jodorowsky described in his documentary a few years back, except of missing a few great names...But maybe I remember it wrongly.

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  • Burning



    Haruki Murakami and Lee Chang-dongng combined in one movie sounded almost too good to be true, fortunately it worked out perfectly.

    Burning is on one hand a film with typical Chang-dongng's themes like Korea's fast) developing economic miracle where not everyone is winning (or "playing") blended together with Murakami's mysteries embedded in daily life and his character's lack of perspective.

    A truly slow burning, dark and intelligent masterpiece where it all comes together:

    Directed in a very unconventional conventional way…

  • Thirst



    One more Chan-wook Park intriguing stylized films. A Vampire Story with the nice twist of a priest who wants to use his powers for the greater good compared with a simple but relate able ( despite the fantasy horror elements! ) relationship story ..... twisted & entertaining at the same time.

    And one hell of a last scene :)